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Boston University’s 135th Commencement Address

by Lawrence Lucchino, President & CEO of the Boston Red Sox

波士顿大学1352008届毕业典礼  波士顿红袜队总裁及CEO劳伦斯.卢启诺)(仅仅翻译部分关键内容


    Now I know you hoped for a Commencement speaker beloved in Boston – a man known for his popularity, character, and grace under pressure. But I do know enough to know the most important thing about a commencement address: be brief! After you’ve worked, studied, struggled for so many years, now comes the hard part: listening to a commencement address. One friend who has given about a zillion commencement speeches gave me some great advice: “Larry, keep it short and let them go party. They’re not gonna listen to you anyway.”

    Now, my role today is to share a few insights, and offer a bit of advice to you young men and women as you go out into the hard, cold world. Some points aren’t original with me, and you can be sure a baseball executive doesn’t have all of the answers, but I hope to offer suggestions that may be helpful to someone – sometime, somehow, somewhere – along the way.

Let me start with a personal note that is a bit embarrassing. Not long after I completed law school, I kept – enlarged, framed, and posted proudly in my office – a passage written by Brendan Gill, a writer and critic for The New Yorker magazine. He wrote it as encouragement for the young, who, even in the easy-going 1970s, were hearing, in Mr. Gill’s opinion, far too much about what a serious matter life was.

According to Mr. Gill (and my office wall), I quote: “Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the argument that life is serious, though it is often hard and even terrible.基尔先生认为:说人生是严肃的,这个观点毫无根据,虽然人生常常艰难,甚至糟糕。 And saying that, I am prompted to add what follows out of it: that since everything ends badly for us, in the inescapable catastrophe of death, it seems obvious that the first rule of life is to have a good time and that the second rule of life is to hurt as few people as possible. There is no third rule.”人生规则一是要享受人生,规则二是尽量少伤害人,规则三不存在。

For years, I did not doubt this quotation. I have since grasped how limited and even misleading that clever passage really is.

Rules for living, Mr. Gill, don’t stop there. A glib, hedonistic creed is inadequate. So, after three unexpected decades as a baseball executive, and after several decades of errors, missteps, and regrets, I instead offer my personal “Top Ten List,” in no particular order: my list of some of the lessons that life and the world of sports have tried their best to teach me.

Number 10: Give a nod to Mr. Gill. Of course, it is true that life must be fun; also, that kindness is essential – and you do need to work at both. Mr. Gill wasn’t entirely wrong, just terribly incomplete.(当然,基尔先生是对的。人生必须快乐,善良至关重要。你们需要在这两个方面努力奋斗。)

Number 9: Be bold – do be prudent – but please take risks, in your personal life, in your career, in your travels, in your geographical choices.胆子要大,还要谨慎。在个人生活中,在工作上,在旅行中,在居住地选择上,请冒一点风险。)

In one of my favorite Meryl Streep movies, Defending Your Life, the main character is challenged for a lifetime of caution and timidity: “Fear is like a giant fog. It sits on your brain and blocks everything. Real feeling, true happiness, real joy, they can’t get through that fog. But if you lift it, then buddy, you’re in for the ride of your life.”恐惧像是浓雾,罩在头上,挡住一切。真实的感觉,真正的幸福和快乐都无法穿透。但如果你把雾除掉,伙计,你才能过正常的生活。

Number 8: Smile, laugh, and be pleasant. This may sound banal and naïve. It is not. It is a profound occupational and personal advantage.微笑,大笑,快乐吧。这听起来太普通,太天真,而实际不是。这是职业和个人最强大的优势。) Let me quote Elwood P. Dowd, the central character in the unforgettable Jimmy Stewart film Harvey – a man with whom I have come to agree. Quote: “My mother used to say to me, ‘Elwood, in this world you must be oh-so clever, or oh-so pleasant.’ For 40 years I tried clever. I recommend pleasant.”(我老妈总是告诉我:“艾尔伍德,在人世间,你必须得非常聪明,或者非常快乐。”我在过去40年中努力想当个聪明人,但我以为快乐更重要。

Number 7: Be strong enough to say, “I don’t know.” When you don’t know or understand something – and such a time may come even after the superior education you have received at BU – when you don’t know, say so. Don’t guess. Don’t fake it. 当你不知道时,就说不知道。不要瞎猜,不要假装懂得。)If you don’t have the answer, say so. These seven words often work out well: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” You won’t mislead your colleagues, and people will respect your honesty and self-assurance.最佳的说法是:“我不知道,但我会研究一下。”这样就不会误导你的同事,人们会敬佩你的诚实和自信。

Number 6: Remember: life is too hard to be lived alone. Find time for your family. You only get one. 人生太艰难,不能一个人过。要找到时间和家人在一起。你只有一个家。“Thank God,” I can hear some of you saying out there.

And, a family of your own will change the way you look at life, at your parents, at your grandparents. “Oh, now I get it,” you’ll say. So, put simply, call home; call your parents, but especially call your mother! And remember, texting doesn’t count. And check in with your grandparents, often the most loyal, loving and supportive people you will ever have in your life.简单来说,就是给家里打电话,给你的父母打电话,特别是给你的妈妈打电话!切记,发短信是不行的。常联系你的爷爷奶奶,他们是你人生中最忠实,最亲切,全力支持你的人。)

Ponder this riddle: Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? The answer – and I say it light-heartedly: Because they have an enemy in common.想一想这个谜语:为什么爷爷奶奶和孙儿孙女相处那么好?答案是:因为他们有共同的敌人。开玩笑的啦!)(解释:这敌人就是父母。爷爷奶奶要管父母,父母讨厌他们;父母要管孩子,孩子讨厌他们。

May I ask the graduates to join me in thanking their parents, their grandparents, their caregivers – those people who made today possible – the people on whose shoulders you stand.

And work at friendship. Develop a talent for friendship. Friends fill a life; they represent perhaps the purest choices you ever make in life.努力建立友谊,要开发建立友谊的才能。朋友使得人生充实,因为朋友也许代表了你在人生中最纯洁的选择。

And, if you work at it and are fortunate, the line between friend and family will become indistinct as you walk through life.

Number 5, Reflect often upon the most important source of knowledge in your student years – your classmates. 要经常想到在你的求学年代里最重要的知识来源,那就是你的同学。)It’s from them that you have discovered other ways of looking at the world – other ways of living. Stay in touch with the people who matter to you – share one another’s lives. 要和对你至关重要的人保持联系,相互交流人生经历。)Through sharing one another’s sorrow, you will find life tolerable. Through sharing one another’s joys, you will enhance your life. 相互交流痛苦,人生就不会太难;相互交流欢乐,人生更加美好。

Number 4: Remember Jackie Robinson, 记住杰基.罗宾逊,注:他是著名的黑人棒球运动员,也是著名的人权活动家although, believe it or not, many baseball players do not. Be mindful of the catalytic effect one person can have on a community, on a neighborhood, on a nation, on a compelling cause or a nagging injustice. 不要小看一个人对社区,居民区,一个国家面临的紧迫的事业,或者难以解决的不公正所产生的催化剂般的影响力。Hold within yourself a capacity for outrage at injustice. Be confident that if you fight long enough and hard enough, you too can make a difference. 要保持对不公正有愤怒的能力。要有信心,如果你坚持斗争,努力奋斗,你也可以改变世界。)And like Jackie Robinson, you can do it with dignity.

Number 3: Don’t be colorblind. Your world is indeed a rich, open, diverse, multi-colored, multi-ethnic, multi-textured, multi-cultural experience.(不可盲目。世界是丰富的,公开的,多元的,多姿多彩的,有各种种族,各种状况,各种文化。) Declaring that all groups are the same is a deceit; believing that some ethnic groups are better than others is a moral disgrace. 说各种人群都一样是欺骗;相信某些种群比其他种群优越是道德之耻。Embrace and celebrate the pluralism and diversity that are the essence of American life, indeed the essence of all of life. (欢迎,欢庆多元化和多样化,这是美国生活的实质,也是所有人生活的实质。)We aren’t all the same, we shouldn’t try to be. Immerse yourself; enjoy our enriching differences. Opposites allegedly attract; they also educate.我们不会都一样,我们也不该完全统一。把自己融入进去,享受丰富多彩、千姿百态的人生吧。据说对立者相互吸引,也会相互学习。)

Number 2: Seek balance. A rich life is a balanced life. Don’t focus too early on your career. Deviate a bit. Embrace change. 丰富的人生是平衡的。不要过早确定职业。走一点弯路,变化可以接受。)A Yale professor of my era once preached: “Everything before age 30 was preface.” Widen your gaze. If you have blinders on, take them off. The world is open, and full of opportunity. And, pay attention to Sigmund Freud’s famous definition of mental health: “to work, to love, and to play well.弗洛伊德对精神健康的定义是:去工作,去爱,还要好好玩乐。

Finally, Number 1: Help some people along the way. 助人不倦。)The famous French soldier and statesman, Marquis de Lafayette, wrote long ago of America: “What charms me most is that all of the citizens are brethren.” We are – and must still be – brethren. Find a cause you care about. Involve yourself. And start early in life.著名法国士兵和政治家拉法亚提很久前提到美国时说:“最让我感动的是所有公民都是兄弟。”我们的确是,依然是兄弟。找到你喜爱的事业,投入进去,尽早开始奋斗吧。 For me, a two-time cancer survivor, cancer research and patient treatment are at the top my priorities, and those of the ever-growing Red Sox Foundation.我曾两次患癌,并幸存下来。癌症研究和临床治疗是我人生奋斗的最高目标,当然还有对不断成长的红袜基金会的关注。)

    Life is not about warming yourself by the fire, life is about building the fire. And generosity is the match. 人生并不是在火边取暖,人生是要生火。而慷慨就是火柴。To consider yourself – and to be considered – capable is good. 认为你自己有能力,别人也认为你有能力,是好的。To consider yourself – and to be considered – loving is even better. But to know yourself as generous is best of all. 认为你自己有爱心,别人也认为你有爱心,则更好。)Generosity is its own reward. 慷慨对人,回报也慷慨。)There is a Chinese proverb that applies. (Isn’t there always?) Roughly it says that if you want happiness for an hour, take a nap, but if you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.有一个中国的谚语,大致是:如果你想要快乐一小时,打个盹;如果你想要快乐一辈子,帮个人。

    In closing, let me say that today is a day to focus on your triumph.

Congratulations to the Members of the Class of 2008. Thank your professors and your mentors. They have pointed the way to the doors: only you can choose the one through which to pass. Walk through it proudly, into the world with all of its uncertainty and all of its magnificent opportunity.

I congratulate you – and with great admiration – wish you long and rewarding lives. God bless you, and thank you very much.

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